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Fresh Homemade Food ADD ONs

Here at PawBabies, owner Rachelle makes all her pups food and treats from scratch.

She believes that Fresh Homemade foods are best suited for pets. 

If you would like to add fresh foods to your dogs diet, please let Rachelle know at the time of booking.

All meals for species specific is 100% safe.

If your pup has a food allergy please let us know.


If you are boarding with us, you can add a homemade fresh food topper to any meal.

For those clients who feed kibble this is a great way to add fresh whole foods to your dogs dish! 

Do you enjoy trying new foods and restaurants when on vacation? Your dogs deserve that experience too!

We offer dog friendly gourmet homemade meal toppers.

Sometimes with all the Excitement our guests forget to eat their first day here or just want to play the whole time. This is a great way to fuel their bodies on their first day with us and every day they are here. 

Gourmet, Fresh Home Cooked Meal Toppers
  • Egg  - $1

  • Chicken and Veggies  - $4

  • Turkey and Veggies - $4

  • Beef and Veggies - $5

  • Pork and Veggies - $4

  • Salmon and Veggies- $8

  • Old Fashioned Oats - $2

  • Blueberries - $1

  • Pumpkin - $1

  • Veggies - $2

  • Greek Yogurt - $1

For pups over 50 pounds, $2 extra for Chicken, Turkey, Pork, Beef. Salmon add an extra $3

Fresh Homemade Treats


Frozen+dog+kong+recipes (1)_edited.jpg

If you are boarding with us,

you can add homemade fresh healthy treats to the length of your stay.

Gourmet Fresh Homemade Treats
  • Frozen Treats - $10 (full stay, boarding) 

  • Baked Treats - $15 (full stay, boarding)

  • Puppuccino - $1 each

  • Bone Broth - $1 each

  • Peanut Butter filled frozen Kong or Lick Mat - $2.50 each

  • Almond Butter filled frozen Kong or Lick Mat - $3 each



Exit Bath with towel dry

If you would like your pup freshly bathed for his/her pickup, please let me know. If the pup is not cooperative i will have to stop the bath. 

Service is only for short haired pups without mats. 

Pups up to 20 pounds - $20

Pups 21 to 40 pounds - $25

Pups over 41 pounds - $30

Dog Wash

**I am not a professional groomer**

Check out the fun your pup can have with us!
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