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Staying Hydrated

Dog Visits

Does your dog need a quick let out in the yard to break up the long day alone?  Our Dog Visit  service is the answer!

Dogs are social creatures by nature.  They also love their routine.  In addition to offering a chance for dogs to relieve themselves, our dog visit service offers your dog(s) a chance to stretch their legs, socialize, get some fresh air and have their own new routine to look forward to.  Clients who begin our Dog Visit services report finding their dogs much more relaxed when they get home within just the first week!  

We are there to spend time with just them and they pick up on that very quickly.  With dog visits, we ensure your dog(s) have their own special daily schedule so they do not feel left out while you are at work.


The dog visit service is also perfect for puppies that are house training!  We can be there to help keep your new puppy on a potty schedule and give them valuable social time.

I will:

Let your dog out for yard time or a short walk

Toss the ball to stretch their legs

Clean up waste produced

Refill their water

Give them a treat

Fill a Kong or treat toy if client requests

Write you a visit report

​I require all pets have their Rabies vaccination before service begins.


15-20 min - $20

Service is for 2 pups. Each additional pup is $5 more

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