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Why do you need a Meet and Greet with an Assessment?

A M&G and an Assessment serves a few purposes.

  • It allows me to meet your dog and get to know them a bit. I introduce them to the pack one or two dogs at a time and observe their interactions and communication. I also talk to you about your dog to get to know him or her better.

  • It allows you to meet me and see my home, so you can be more comfortable with where your dog will be staying. I can also answer any questions you may have.

  • It allows your dog to experience and explore the new environment with the security of your presence, so that it is familiar to them when you drop them off for daycare or boarding.

  • We need to make sure s/he is a good fit for my homestyle pet care services. Not all dogs do well in an open play setting. Some dogs need a facility.


What make you different from a Kennel?

I run my services out of my home. I only allow a very small number of dogs. At a kennel you can find anywhere from 40 to 100 plus dogs at any given time.

At PawBabies your pup(s) get free roam of my house. They get to go outside as much or as little as they like. At a Kennel they generally sit in cages all day to only see outside a couple times (same with the Vet). Some places also charge extra for more outside time. At PawBabies we are all inclusive!  I don’t even charge extra for medication.

What are your procedures for Drop Off and Pick Ups? 

  • All Dog parents must text when they are on their way with an ETA. I will then meet you outside. If I am not outside, please text me that you are here. This will allow for a smooth transition.

  • When booking your schedule please write in the additional section what time you will drop off and pick up your pup. We need this so we can prepare for our day.

  • All Dogs can have a primary and secondary and emergency contact on their profile to be released to at pick up. If someone other than those three are to pick up your Dog, please set this up with Rachelle so there are no awkward situations at pickup. If anything changes, please let me know. 

My dog doesn’t get along with other dogs. Can they still attend your daycare or stay for boarding?

Unfortunately, I am not able to accept dogs who don’t get along with other dogs. Because I don’t run a Kennel, I don’t have an area to isolate dogs. 

Can you accommodate last-minute boarding?

Though I try my best to accommodate my customers’ needs, I can’t guarantee that I’ll have space for last-minute boarding, especially on weekends and holidays. In order to maintain the safety of my boarders, I have to limit the number of dogs I can take in overnight. If I’m full, please call me, and I’ll place you on a wait list and contact you if a spot becomes available.


What if there is an emergency?

Should there be an injury or illness during your dog's stay, we will do everything in our power to ensure the safety of your dog and our other guests. I am certified in pet first aid. I will attempt to contact you first, then your emergency contacts. If needed, we will transport your dog to the vet. PawBabies is not responsible for any costs involved.

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