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Doggy Play Groups
5 Dog Max per playgroup

PawBabies addresses the social nature of dogs and their place in nature as “pack animals.”

Regular, positive interaction with other dogs and humans is vital to the development of a healthy, happy dog.

That being the case, PawBabies Play group aims to develop your dog’s well-being and confidence by reinforcing calm, appropriate play behaviors in a safe environment. To do this, we transport your dogs to our 6 foot fenced in back yard, where they engage in a supervised, controlled, and off-leash play session. Play group can also help improve your dog’s routine, prevent destructive behavior at home, prepare your dog for boarding or away-from-home situations, and, of course, alleviate dog-mom or dog-dad guilt.

Why sign up for dog walks when you can burn off more energy with play groups and get tons of socialization!?

At your dog’s initial evaluative play session, our Playgroup Supervisors will observe his/her play style, energy level, and personality to ensure he/she is the right fit for our play group sessions.

Our main objectives are to help your dog socialize, exercise, and, paws crossed, meet his/her BFFF (best furry friend forever)!

Monday – Friday

Sign your pup up once a week or five days a week, it’s up to you! Our play sessions run from the morning to the early afternoon, Monday through Friday, rain or shine.

Time Windows

PawBabies picks up and drops off in 1-1.5-hour time windows. It is not necessary that you be home for pick-up and/or drop-off.


Restrictions/Reasons for Non-admission

We have a comprehensive application process in place to ensure all dogs that come to play are friendly and pre-socialized. PawBabies will not admit dogs with aggression issues. All dogs offered a “free trial” must pass in order to be considered members of PawBabies. In terms of medical requirements, dogs must be up-to-date on all vaccines!

Time Slots


1st, Group Pickup is around 0945am, drop off at home around 1045-1115am


2nd, Group Pickup is around 1130am, drop off at home around 1230-1pm

Transportation Provided

Dogs ride in our Honda Odyssey

​I require all pets have necessary vaccinations & immunizations before service begins. 

Rabies, Distemper & Kennel Cough



$20 Play Group

Dogs will be gone for 1-1.5 hours

Half off additional dog(s) 

Please No Last Min Service Requests for New Clients. I will need a Min of a weeks notice to fit you in. 2 week notice is preferred. A Meet and Greet is required before services can take place as well as a Temperament Evaluation. These will be on separate days. Meet and Greet will take place at the Clients house, Temperament Evaluation will take place at my house. I will pick up and drop off pup. 

Before your 1st service with us, we plan a party!

Our parties (aka meet & greets) are the perfect place for us to meet you, get to know your pets, learn their routine, and of course, answer any questions you may have before your first official service. 

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