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Benefits of Doggy Daycare: Is Daycare right for your dog?

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

Does your doggy show disastrous behavior while left alone or during the day while you are home? Does your dog seem to have an endless supply of energy? Is your pup lonely or anxious? Then doggy daycares may be a great way to help. There are many benefits of doggy daycare, and you may be surprised just how much a daily daycare can improve you and your dog’s wellbeing as well as your own.

Most Dogs are Extroverts

Dogs are very social animals, and although many dogs adapt well to our routines, some dogs are not as excited about spending the day alone while you go about your daily routine. From doggy daycares to dog training and dog parks, there are many ways to socialize your four-legged friend. Any extroverted person can vouch for the fact that spending that much time alone can be frustrating, depressing, and can lead to unhealthy habits. Doggy Daycares help with socialization and can successfully combat this.

There are many ways to keep your dog entertained when they are alone, like puzzle toys or natural chews, but even these can only occupy your dog for so long. Eventually, they will finish with whatever distraction that you leave them, and they will be looking for the next activity.

The average person works an 8-hour workday. Once you factor in your commute, errands, and social activities, your dog could be spending 10+ hours alone every day. Besides the obvious need for bathroom breaks, 10 hours alone can get boring. It is easy to understand why pup acts out.

While it is true that some dogs will sleep all day if they are left alone, this type of sedentary lifestyle isn’t healthy long term. The lack of mental and physical activity can lead to weight issues, mobility issues and destructive boredom behaviors.

To prevent this, you need to find ways to provide activities for your dog on a regular basis, even when you are away. Daycares for dogs are a great option to keep your pet busy and prevent undesired behaviors resulting from boredom or loneliness, plus they get to play! What is not to love?

Benefits of Doggy Daycare

Whether you have a young puppy or an adult, high energy dog; daycare will help keep your dog happy and healthy, socializing daily with a group of dogs.

Safe Socializing

If your dog is an only child, does not have many dog friends, or has terrible recall, opportunities to socialize with other dogs and people may be limited. Daycare for dogs provide a safe and controlled environment for your dog to play with other dogs of all sizes, breeds, and personalities.

PawBabies team is well versed in dog behavior and body language. We work hard to ensure each dog is having a positive experience, and we facilitate new experiences for dogs that have not had the opportunity to socialize as much.

We allow dogs to engage in supervised playtime at their own pace. For shy dogs, this routine can help build confidence and good manners.

Every dog is different, and their habits, personalities, and energy levels vary. Allowing each dog to enjoy their experience in their own way lets your dog properly express themselves and work through any pent-up energy without being overwhelmed.

2. Physical Exercise

Less active lifestyles can be damaging to both their bodies and minds. Dogs who spend a lot of time alone can learn to adapt to this slow-paced routine but by limiting their physical and mental activity, they could be prone to weight issues, mobility issues, overeating, and poor digestion.

Weekly or even daily daycare sessions will keep your dog active both physically and mentally. Very energetic dogs will benefit greatly from dog daycares, as they will be able to run and play to their heart's content, tuckering them out before home time.

Managing weight in some dogs can be a challenge, especially when they do not have any desire to play or exercise some of that weight off. Daycares can provide a supportive environment that will allow your chubby or lazy dog to be excited about physical activity. This will help shed pounds and build muscle.

3. Separation Anxiety Help

If you have a dog that suffers from separation anxiety, then you know that it is hard on both of you. Without any type of outlet and social environment, your dog can feel very anxious about being left alone.

They may spend their day crying, howling, licking, chewing, or stressed out and anxious. It is hard to watch and know that your pet is suffering.

We must go to work or school, or whatever your daily routine is, and doggy daycare can allow you to do that without leaving your pet alone to stew in their loneliness.

Even if you are not using daily daycare services for dogs, weekly social interaction, especially in group settings, can help provide your dog with the activity and structure that they are craving. While it may not completely cure separation anxiety in all dogs, it is a healthy way to limit alone time.

4. Maintains Routine

When you are home, your dog has a routine. This includes feeding times, playtime, bathroom breaks, and even naps. Working long hours may affect that routine. Even for people who work from home might have a hard time exercising their dog and giving them the mental exercise they dog may need.

Consistent routines and structure are important for dogs, just like they are for kids. Daycares can facilitate structure that is more consistent with their preferred routines at home.

Think about your morning routine. You get yourself ready, you feed the dog, let them out to use the facilities, and then hit the road.

PawBabies team truly cares about your dog's daycare experience, safety, and their specific needs. During daycare, your dog can learn new games, both from the staff and the other dogs, and will provide continual mental stimulation to keep your dog's brain active.

5. Peace of Mind

Coming home to a destroyed house, damaged property, “accidents”, or even just a very sad pup can be stressful. It is easy to get frustrated and reprimand your dog for their actions, but the fact is, their actions are telling you that they are upset.

Enrolling your dog in daycares or dog boarding will rid you of the stress and worry of what you may go home to. You will have the peace of mind in knowing that they are happy and safe, and so is your house, your other pets, and your neighbors.

Doggy Daycares are not for Every Dog

There are a few factors to consider before enrolling your dog in daycare services. Sadly, not every dog is suited for doggy daycares. In fact, daycare services could do more damage than good if your dog falls under any of these categories:

  • · Poorly or not socialized dogs are likely to be overwhelmed, aggressive, or anti-social

  • · If your dog has past incidents of dog or human aggression, then daycares could be unsafe for your dog, other dogs, and the staff

  • · If they are not vaccinated appropriately per your vets’ recommendations, your dog is susceptible to illness or disease

  • · While not a deal breaker, unaltered pets can be challenging to incorporate in group play

Fortunately, PawBabies staff will do an initial assessment of your pet to determine whether or not they are suited for daycare services.

At PawBabies, the assessment begins by letting your dog meet the staff to ensure that they can handle your dog with relative ease, touch your dog's collar, hold their leash, and approach them without signs of fear or aggression.

After that, they will allow your dog to meet a few dogs of varying sizes and personalities in a controlled area. If that goes well, your dog and their new friends will be brought into a larger play area.

After being given an opportunity to sniff and explore for a few minutes, new dogs will be introduced. This gives the team the opportunity to see if your dog is going to continue to be comfortable with meeting dogs.

If tails are wagging and positive introductions are made, then you will be able to schedule your dog for daycare experiences.

If PawBabies tells you that your dog does not enjoy daycares or is not the right fit for their group, it doesn’t mean that your dog is bad. It means that your dog simply does not want to be there.

PawBabies staff offer full transparency, as their goal is to provide the safest, most fun experience for all daycare visitors. If your dog shows signs that they are not suited for daycares, the team will be open and honest about it.

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