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Homestyle Daycare

Home Away From Home

We are truly a family business as we live on sight, and each family member has helped make PawBabies what it is today!

Your dog will have that at home feel. PawBabies is not a kennel.

All dogs get free roam of my home. The dogs are treated like family. They get to relax on our sofa, recliner, on doggy beds and play outside in our large fenced in area.


Dogs left home alone during the day may experience separation anxiety or display undesirable behavioral issues such as chewing and excessive barking. These can occur when a dog lacks sufficient exercise and socialization. Dog daycare is your answer! At PawBabies dog will spend the day socializing with other dogs, and burning off energy.

Some dogs visit every day, others just a couple of times a month. Every dog is unique and we are happy to discuss the best play schedule to suit your dog's needs.


PawBabies is all inclusive; meaning during your stay your dog will be included in group play, have the option to hop in the kiddie pool (when its hot outside), have their own room (or only share with their furry siblings), or sleep where ever they like. Get their food prepared just like home, have a before bed potty break (boarders), & receive all the snuggles and hugs they want!



Provides regular exercise to maintain a healthy weight

Relieves boredom, separation anxiety, and destructive behavior at home

Improves socialization with dogs and people

Enhances quality of life

If you are looking for a more personal doggy daycare where your dogs get to hang out in a family style atmosphere, then we are the daycare for you.

All dogs are required to pass a Assessment test before you can book boarding or daycare at Pawbabies. The Assessment test is $25 additional pups are $15.

We schedule these Monday-Friday by appointment only. You will drop your pup off between 10am-1030am and pick up anytime between 1-2pm. We will observe you dog’s behavior and play style to make sure that they are feeling comfortable and having fun in a group setting. After your dog passes their Assessment test, you will be able to book daycare and boarding through your account online!

 (Price is the same even if your dog does not pass.)

Daycare Hours 

Drop Off is between

6:30 - 7:30am


8am - 9am

Pick Up is between

5pm - 7pm

Weekend Hours

Hours Vary

If you need more flexible hours please let me know and i might be able to accommodate. 

Via appointment Only

The More You Play, The More You Save!


Weekday Rate

1-2 days a week $26 

3-4 days a week $24

5 days a week $22

$20 Additional Pup

Weekend Rate


$21 Additional Pup

*Puppies up to 12 months are an additional $5 for daycare.  

*Summer Hours*

May 23-July 31st

7am - 9am


5pm - 7pm

Weekend Hours

Hours Vary

If you need more flexible hours please let me know and i might be able to accommodate. 

Via appointment Only

Ask Me About My Puppy Program! 

Before your 1st service with us, we plan a party!

Our parties (aka meet & greets) are the perfect place for us to meet you, get to know your pets, learn their routine, and of course, answer any questions you may have before your first official service. 

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