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Our Homestyle Pert Care is not a typical traditional daycare/boarding experience, our place is designed to give dogs all of the sights, sounds, & smells of home. Dogs are free to lounge on the sofa, watch TV, sit in the shade & watch children play. 

The Process


After your initial inquiry we will set a time to chat via phone, text, or email.

If we both feel like my family style daycare & boarding operation is a potential fit for your dog we will set up a time for a Meet & Greet with Assessment $25 Mon-Fri additional pup is $15

$30 Sat or Sun additional pup is $20

 (Price is the same even if your dog does not pass.)

We will discuss your specific needs and any areas of concerns you have surrounding care of your pets.

Please have your pet(s) and all up to date vaccine paperwork for our M&G or you can email them to me at


The assessment is a crucial, and required step to making sure your dog is comfortable in our home, with us, and around our other guests! As mentioned before we want to make sure your dog is as comfortable as possible, isn't stressed, or causing others to be stressed. At the assessment your dog will spend a minimum of two hours in our care. We will observe them playing and interacting with the other guests and test them in a private room to make sure they find it comforting and don't disturb others.

Booking Reservations

After your assessment if we all (us, you, & your dog(s)) feel like we are a perfect match for your needs we can move ahead with the booking process! We do intentionally keep our maximum guest occupancy low. Accepting a limited number of dogs, allows us to ensure that everyone staying with us receives individual attention & care. 


We also operate by appointment ONLY so make sure you are scheduling your drop off & pick up appointments as soon as you know you are going on a trip or needing our services! We would hate to tell you we are full!

Daycare & Boarding

When you arrive for boarding or daycare at your set appointment time all other guests will be tucked away so your dog has time to adjust with a stress free gradual entry. You can rest easy knowing your dog will have hours of fun hanging out at our home!


PawBabies is all inclusive; meaning during your stay your dog will be included in group play, have the option to hop in the kiddie pool (when its hot outside), have their own room (or only share with their furry siblings), or sleep where ever they like. Get their food prepared just like home, have a before bed potty break, have 24 hour monitoring & receive all the snuggles and hugs they want!

For clients to stay enrolled at PawBabies, they must bring their dog at least once every 60 days. After 60 days of not attending PawBabies, a dog maybe considered inactive & must re-enroll & receive another assessment test.

Why Choose Us

Choosing the right care taker for your pet is an important decision. We totally get it! That is why we started, and we truly believe in only providing the best care for your pets.


Titer tests are among the tools that can be used to help minimize the risks of both infectious diseases and unnecessary vaccinations.

A titer test is an antibody blood test that can tell you if a previous vaccine is still protecting your dog's immune system.

If it’s still working by producing antibodies, you don’t have to revaccinate yet.

Will you need Boarding during the Summer months &/or upcoming Holiday weeks or weekends?

If so, it is NEVER TOO EARLY to make your reservations!

We typically book up 10-12 weeks ahead of any major holiday periods & for the Summer months!

Check out the fun your pup can have with us!
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